Pierson Coaching: a short-term, goal-oriented process for growth and change


1 to 1 Coaching

After a free 30-minute consultation, I will initiate a 2 to 3-times a month virtual coaching program at your convenience. 

One-hour coaching sessions will teach you what you value, where you are strong, what holds you back, and where you want to go...regardless of the circumstances of your life or your health.

1 To 1 Coaching is billed through PayPal at $175 per hour in advance of monthly sessions. No contracts are signed, and the coaching process can be terminated at any time. Most people learn what they need to know about themselves to make positive changes in six months or less.

Group or Family Coaching

Groups of six or less will work together to  understand each other's perspectives and approach to a professional or personal situations: growth goals at work,  personal goals, or health and wellness goals or issues.

When change or illness strikes, most of us assume that the way we think is universally effective for dealing with the situation. This group coaching helps interested people understand each other's differences, values, and strengths, so you can help each other in the most effective way.

Group Coaching is billed at $50 per person per session, and will be co-designed by the group members and the coach.

Mentor Consulting

I will work with individuals or groups to learn more about diet, exercise, mindfulness meditation, spirituality, journaling, and other activities to help people make positive healthy changes.

I offer a database of professionals to help people decode the mystifying labyrinth of health information today.

One hour of Mentor Consulting is offered free of charge to 1 To 1 Coaching or Group Coaching clients.