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A Short-Term Goal-Oriented Change Process

Sarah Pierson is certified by the International Coach Federation, and is in training with Duke University for certification in Integrative Wellness Coaching. Sarah holds a Masters in Liberal Studies, and a Bachelor's in Journalism. With over 35 years of interpersonal work in sales and marketing, Sarah turned to coaching in 2012 to understand how and why people are limited by their own self-defeating ideas. Believing in the strength, creativity, and resourcefulness of all people who want to increase their joy and productivity,  Sarah enjoys working with clients to unlock their fears and insecurities to move forward with confidence in sales, medicine, corporate life, and in their personal lives. No matter what.

Integrative Coaching incorporates everything about a person:  their health, job, personal status, hopes, dreams, and past experiences to help chart a very individualized and intentional path forward, no matter the circumstances.

Sarah is dedicated to living a faithful, curious, and very grateful life with her husband, two grown children, her brother and his family, a handful of very close friends, and two dogs. She keenly understands what it takes to thrive after family heartbreaks of many kinds, cancer and other adversity, and loves to help people live into their fullest potential at work and at home by teaching the power of perspective. No matter what.

What People Say

“You have brought me out of the darkness.”
-L.C., thriving after cancer, Fredericksburg, VA,  2015
“Now I have a roadmap.”
-W.Z., Fredericksburg, VA, 2016
“Thanks to coaching, I have a new head on my shoulders.”
-S.P., PBS, Washington, D.C., 2015
“Sarah is a superb coach. She helped me through the most difficult experience of my life. I am not sure what I would have done without her insights, kindness, and coaching.”
-K.Z.,  Wall Street, New York, New York, 2014
“Why do I feel like I am in the middle of one of the most important conversations of my life?”
-L., Attorney, Washington, D.C., 2014
“Sarah is abundantly compassionate and kind, and yet has a laser-like intuition that helps her ask just the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.”
-D.E., Physician Coach, Boston, MA, 2013
“Sarah is amazing as is the process. We wish you had been around years ago.”
-T.R., Attorney, Fredericksburg, VA 2013
“Thank you for your love as a coach.”
N.H., Tokyo, Japan, 2013
“I call Sarah Pierson a gifted coach because she listens… so you feel heard. She offers profound insights. She helps identify values…and guides you…to the life you want to lead.”
-J.Z., Boston, MA,s2014
“A special thank you to…Sarah Pierson for reinventing the Essex County Countryside Alliance.”
P.B., Executive Director, Richmond, VA, 2011

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