Pierson Coaching: a short-term, goal-oriented process for growth and change

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Why Sarah Pierson?

How will coaching help me?

Feeling centered, empowered, and hopeful is everything. Well-being the root of productivity and contentment, and makes us resilient and courageous. When we have

 well-being, we are motivated, powerful, and peaceful...all at the same time.

At work and at play, however, our moods can mysteriously cloud over as we react subconsciously to people, places, and events. Cloudy, moody thinking encourages negative thoughts and poor decisions.  

Coaching is a positive, short term, goal-oriented process that takes place over the telephone, by Skype, or in person. Coaching teaches clients what they value and why, and to adopt new perspectives to manage struggles at work and at home. An outgrowth of the 25 year-old field of Positive Psychology, coaching is taught and practiced at America's finest educational institutions and corporations: Harvard's McLean Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt University, Duke University, and others. Progressive practitioners all over the world respect the need for a balance between the body and the mind, and see coaching as a way to jumpstart lasting well-being. Coaching has long been embraced by top-tier corporations who want and need their leaders to thrive.

How do I start?

Call Sarah Pierson for a free consultation: 540.287.7871 to see how coaching could help you move ahead. 

I have been certified by the International Coach Federation since 2014. I was trained as an Integrative Wellness coach at  Duke University, and as a CoActive Coach for Change at the CoActive Training Institute in San Rafael, California. 

Don't let stress, personal or professional change, or  a medical diagnosis or treatment define you. Take 3-6 months and change your perspective, learn to harness your well-being, and thrive.