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Are you in a transition caused by:


Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Professional Upheaval

Changes in Family Dynamics

Divorce, a cancer diagnosis, a change in our professional identity and role, and changes in dynamics within our families are transitions that are very complicated and difficult to navigate without positive coaching support. None of our extrinsic are sure in these big transitions. When our roles change, our identities are threatened, and we do not know who we are. The loss of health and daily routine, identify, role, idealism, and security leaves most people feeling victimized, lost, and hopeless. These experiences represent loss on many levels, and the experiences usually ignite fear. Coaching restores balance and  hopefulness by focusing on the client’s unique ways of being, their intrinsic strengths, versus defining their lives by external details.

  • Separation and divorce are destabilizing events. We ask ourselves,  “Am I lovable? Why did I fail? Will the children be able to love and be loved? Will I ever find happiness that feels secure?” On top of this, divorce is an expensive legal process that requires clear-headed and clear-hearted decision making at a time when people are at their most vulnerable. Finances are often strained, and many decisions have to be made about how to afford and thrive in a new life as a divorced person. Divorce coaching teaches clients to focus on themselves and what they want, what they value, what their strengths are, and what is possible. When clients are able to define themselves in these ways, they are able to easily forgive their ex-spouses and others.
  • A cancer diagnosis is shocking and very upsetting. Patients ask themselves, “Will I live? Keep my hair? Can I still work? Will I ever get well? What did I do to cause this? Who can help me?” Coaching supports patients in their “new normal”  by helping people define their personal values, strengths, and goals, and by focusing on hope and gratitude. Cancer coaching restores the patient’s resilience, sense of humor and imagination, regardless.
  • A job change caused by a promotion, lay-off, or physical move is always unsettling. At best, during a promotion, clients wonder if they are fit for the new roles and wait anxiously for signs that they are progressing as expected. At the worst, during a lay-off, clients blame themselves and feel embarrassed and extremely discouraged. Leadership coaching supports clients as they learn their gifts, strengths, weaknesses, and values so they can relate effectively to their colleagues and teams.
  • Changes in family dynamics caused by illness and death in aging parents or another family member can cause confusion, great sadness, and even resentment. Family coaching supports clients as they define their unique values and strengths so they understand the perspectives of different family members. Family Dynamic coaching supports clients as they learn to appreciate and enjoy family members, regardless of their inevitable differences.

Sarah Pierson’s SURE Coaching Program is designed to help clients break free of negative thought patterns and behaviors, and embrace new, positive attitudes and practices. The SURE Program helps clients identify what they can be sure of as their lives change, and is tailored to the clients’s needs and budget. Clients are coached from a period of three months to two years, depending on their enjoyment and success from coaching. The SURE Program brings clients in touch with their uniqueness, their values, what fulfills them, what triggers them, what they enjoy, and what they really want in the future. Coaching keeps the attention on the client, not the circumstances. Coaching helps clients find their truths, accept the present, and move forward happily.



What is the SURE Coaching Program?

The SURE Program is simple in four parts. By coaching twice a month by telephone in 45-minute sessions with homework and follow up, clients learn to:

  • Seek fulfillment (your unique values and purpose).
  • Understand your triggers and why you react.
  • Realize perspectives for what they are.
  • Embrace hope and gratitude.


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