Coaching Defined

“Coaching is a remarkable change process.”
– Harvard Gazette

“Coaching…helps functioning adults become happier and more productive.”
– The New Yorker Magazine

“When an executive is struggling to learn how to best manage herself and engage others, you’ve found the sweet spot for executive coaching.”
– Forbes Magazine

“…leaders need coaches when they feel that a change in behavior—either for themselves or their employees, can make a significant difference in the long-term success of the organization.”
– Psychology Today

A life changing process.

The field of coaching is 20 years old, and springs naturally from cognitive behavorial therapy and positive psychology currently researched and taught at the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University and many other renowned universities and institutions. I trained with The Coaches Training Institute which partners with Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital to bring the art and practice of coaching together with the science that supports its efficacy.

Clients are coached by telephone because of flexibility and privacy, and the relationship can go on for months or years, depending on the outcomes. Exercises are designed to increase self awareness, particularly about values, are used to unlock with the client really wants in their lives.

Coaches believe a person’s values and integral talents can be discovered and refined to bring a solid and contented balance to their lives, no matter what experiences they have had.