"A happy life is not the absence, but the mastery of hardship"--Helen Keller

When our lives change in a big way, our identity and sense of wellbeing are temporarily thrown off. Since most of us identify ourselves by our roles and responsibilities within our families, places of work, and in our social communities, changes in our ability to perform those roles can make us feel inadequate, confused, and victimized.

In a short-term, goal-oriented process, Pierson Coaching & Consulting LLC will teach you to accept what is happening, identify your unique values and strengths, and help you set goals in a series of conversations held over the telephone or in person. Through coaching you will learn how to see that challenges hold great opportunities. You will feel enthusiastic about your "new normal" by keying on hope, gratitude, a clear sense of what you want, and what steps you need to take.

How can Sarah help you?

Sarah Pierson supports clients in the middle of big life transitions: separation and divorce, cancer diagnosis and treatment, or job and family changes. She tailors the coaching relationship to the client’s needs and budget. The coaching relationship is confidential, and can last from three months to three years, depending on the needs of the client.

Sarah Pierson coaches clients into a new wholeness, regardless of the circumstances, incorporating the client's strengths and values for an invigorated future. Clients navigating big changes will learn to embrace big life changes with realism, curiosity, intuition, and humor.

There are no contracts, and every session is money back guaranteed. Clients are coached twice a month over the telephone for 45 minutes to an hour with homework, feedback, and goal setting. References are readily available, and the first coaching call is free of charge. Please call 540.287.7871 for a free consultation about coaching and how it will work for you.

When things are very uncertain, opportunities pop up in the most hopeful ways...if we are open to the possibility.

What do people like about you?

New perspectives are needed when things change. Please download this tool designed to help you look at yourself and others in a new light. If you are interested in a free consultation about how coaching can help, please send an email to shpierson@gmail.com, or call 540.287.7871.